Overhauling a UI Without Upsetting Current Users

Jul 07

Great article for anyone looking to improve their design and ux of their website. And a key paragraph below – users often only think they know what they want, so don't blindly just give them want they want, base decisions on evidence and testing from a range of users and prioritise changes based on a variety of factors including impact, cost/benefit.
The key take away for me is that the we should always be looking to improve the solution. Improve, not just change.

Redesign Based on Evidence

In order to make functional (not just aesthetic) improvements, product managers and design teams need to perform research with real-world users. Most people already agree with this in principle, but vary wildly in how well they execute on it.

One of the most common mistakes companies make is to implement UI changes based on what users saythey want. Unfortunately, experience shows that what people say they will or won’t like doesn’t always match reality. Moreover, a user’s suggestion on how to solve a UI problem may be unworkable, unreasonable, or both.

While it’s important to solicit and listen to user feedback, users aren’t designers or usability experts so their complaints and suggestions should not be taken at face value. Don’t confuse a design suggestion with a design solution. To identify the real UI problems and solutions, careful UX research must take into account facts, not just opinions.

Overhauling a UI Without Upsetting Current Users

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